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Amflyer commented on June 06, 2009
im student from palestine i want to ask if theres any schoolership to study mechatronics in the usa my avrage in the 11th grade is 96% ,, and i need more information about mechatronics
Amflyer commented on June 24, 2008
Anyone know a good university for mechatronics in USA?
Amflyer commented on November 17, 2007
Its an excellent basic subject for control and robotics engineers, however it is creating jack of multi discipilnary and master of non
Amflyer commented on October 11, 2007
I appreciate this ETV Episode 77 Mechatronics, especially because California State University, Chico is the only university in the country that has an ABET accredited B.S. in Mechatronic Engineering degree program. Our students follow a curriculum that you can download from http://www.ecst­­depts/mem/BS_Mec­hatronic_Enginee­ring/4Curriculum­.html. Our students receive a well rounded education with a solid foundation in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering, with which they are able to solve many engineering problems. The Mechatronic Engineering curriculum culminates in a "Senior Project" where they work in a team on either a self funded or a company sponsored project, which involves design, fabrication, testing, demonstration and delivery to the customer. Since its inception and accreditation in 1998 we have graduated several Mechatronic Engineers, who are successfully employed in industries varying from small manufacturing units to large multinationals and Government research agencies. Please let me know if you would like to view Mechatronic Engineering videos of our students' projects. Some of the sponsored projects can be veiwed at http://www.ecst­­ameshv/ Our Industrial Advisory Board recognized Mechatronic Engineering as the field to promote. The board members are industry volunteers, non-CSU-Chico alumni and hold high level research and/or adminitrative positions in various well known multinational companies and Government research agencies I would be glad to talk to you about our ABET accredited Mechatronic Engineering degree program at CSU-Chico. Please feel free to contact me through my URL or you can call me at 530.898.6353. Ramesh Varahamurti, Ph.D. Prof. of Mechanical Engineering and CSU-Chico's Mechatronic Engineering Program Coordinator
Amflyer commented on October 10, 2007
Excellant, I like this. Especially the ones on Robotics, Gears, Wind Power, DARPA, and Electric cars. Keep up the good work.
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