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cconway commented on October 27, 2012
This item has direct applicaion to several civilian markets. Smaller version (3-5 Killowatt) for residential emergency power. A couple of the 10 killowatt units could probably power a large truck. The unit as it stands would be a very capable prime mover for an automobile.
Amflyer commented on December 22, 2008
Question you need to ask, for the 100's of millions pumped into TARDEC for these development projects (Smart Truck I, II, and III and others) how many actually made it to the field, or rolled out to the Civ marketplace....­.....very few I would believe, but they make nice retirement projects (start a project and ride it into retirement....)­....
Amflyer commented on September 11, 2008
When can we start putting them in?
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