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hazydave commented on November 20, 2014
I currently drive a Prius hybrid, and my daily commute is about 50 miles each way. Today, a buddy of mine just reminded me that we're going to a show in the city tonight... an extra 35-40 miles on top of that 100. I need an electric that's got a usable range for what I'm likely to drive daily.. even in the middle of winter. I'd put that at 200miles range or better, at least until under 10 minute recharging stations become common. I'm sold on the idea of the electric car. Moving to a vehicle infrastructure that's completely independent of the forms of energy being used to make that power is a key long-term necessity, due both to peak oil and climate change. Electrics have the immediate side benefit of, at the least, moving pollution out of concentration in cities, at best, already being fully renewable (the power delivered to my house today is from 100% renewables). I realize the current Tesla does meet my criterion, but I can't swing the price.
Spicyme commented on April 04, 2014
I don't know how to drive any kind of car but I've read an article before that there is a safer battery that can produce a longer driving range by utilizing a solid electrolyte instead of a liquid one. There are lots of safety concerns with the existing lithium-ion batteries that are used in electric and hybrid vehicles For more information, <a href="http­://personalmoney­­yblog/2013/01/28­/next-gen-lithium-ion-batteries/"­;>click here</a>.
Elektron commented on March 05, 2014
Why assume that a "plug-in" static recharge interconnect is the only option. Consider a few of the alternatives such as fold-out solar panels or better yet electromagnetic coupling via pick-up coils. e.g. Recharge "on the road" at red light or via "inductive coupling strip". The market is there and standards already exist so the delivery and metering of power can be readily accomplished.
DrugRunner commented on January 16, 2014
I drive a small delivery van around a midland town, and I average about 25 miles per day. I take the van home with me and park it on my drive overnight, so it spends at least 18 hours a day going nowhere, and also is not used at the weekends, when I am not working. I would like to convince my employers to replace the 4 year old diesel van with an electric one, and install a charging point at my address. Are there any such small electric vans available, and would it be a viable economic move for my employers to do so?
quicksand commented on November 01, 2013
So far, battery change at petrol stations are not available. If batteries can be changed instantly at petrol stations where they are slowly recharged, more people would buy electric cars. However, that would mean loss of market for petrol. Except for Israel, no other country in the world today is so organized to allow instant replacement of batteries at petrol stations, because batteries have to be standardised.
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