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manguelo commented on April 02, 2014
Texting and driving Today I would like to persuade all of you to stop using your cell phone while performing the important task of driving. It not only will save your life, but also the life of others around you. I am going to show you how Texting and driving is portrayed in the media, and also science’s stance on texting and driven and statistics that are involved with it. · According with an article publish in the newspaper U.S. TODAY, there was a young lady, named Maria, who like many others, was extremely addicted to Texting. “Maria was so good that she could do Texting at dinnertime under the table, without anyone noticing. All of her friends had seen her texting and driving they try to warn her that it was dangerous. She just not seem to believe so. Yet her luck ran out. The day before graduation, she was heading to a minor baseball game texting one of the players she was going to met, she lost control of her car. Maria got kill in the car accident that day, the last text she received was “Where are U at?” Anguelo 2 · Many of you have seen the graphic commercials for similar campaigns against texting and driving. If they are not enough, to convince you, stopping texting and driving maybe a scientific research will help. · There are a lot of researches done by many different organizations on distracted driving and the use of cellphones and here are some: · In the Oprah show, a famous researcher from the University of Utah, Dr. David Strayer, and he gave some simulations of what we think we see when we are texting and what we actually see. He found that talking on a cell phone quadruples your risk of an accident, and when you are texting a message, increases at eighty per cent or eight times the possibility you have an accident. · When you are texting and driving you visibility you get in a tunnel vision mode, this means that your vision is concentrated in one spot, and you could be missing anything that goes around you. · According to “Textingwhiledr­,” On the year 2008 about 16+% of fatal crashes were caused by distracting drivers, and many of theses accidents were while texting, and driving. · In the research was found that texting and driving were worth than driving drunk. Although this is not to encourage drunk driving, it is to show how dangerous is texting and driving. Conclusion: as we have seen, not only does using the cellphone, and texting and driving, impair your abilities to drive, but it also show been dangerous for the peoples around you. I proudly say that I never text or email with my phone while I am driven, if I have the need to do so, I step aside of the road. “Its is better wasting a minute of my life, than waste my life in a minute.”
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