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Alex Lidow commented on March 21, 2012
Arthur, eGaN FETs are very efficient at frequencies far greater than 500 kHz. We will soon be publishing an article showing buck converter operation at several MHz. There is also extensive information about the operation of these devices at higher frequencies available on our web site (, in our book, "GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion"­; (available on, and in the following articles:http:/­/powerelectronic­­conductors/gan_t­ransistors/shoot­out-volume-five-paralleling-egan-fets-part-two-0911/,­ments/presentati­ons/IIC-2012.pdf. If you need any more information please contact He is the head of our global field applications group. Good luck! Alex Lidow
Arthur commented on March 20, 2012
I would be interested to see what type of performance this technology (eGAN FETs) exhibits in faster switching speeds above 500kHz. There is a growing demand for faster switching speed DC-DC power supplies for telecom and other communication market applications.
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