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hardik41213 commented on July 27, 2014
how can i purchase galelio wheel in india? pls help it's my project task ... kindly request
jegan commented on December 12, 2012
i have choosen galileo wheel as mini project .how i can made it sucessfully
griffin commented on November 27, 2010
How can I purchase a galileo wheel I want to bye one
Amflyer commented on June 23, 2008
I saw it last year at a robotics conference. Works exactly as they demonstrate.  The one they showed you had to push a button to deploy the tracks but they were working on a version that would automatically switch. When they have it I'll be buying a few. Very impressive.
DesigningIt commented on June 19, 2008
really really cool design, that I might have to jack for personal use.
Amflyer commented on May 18, 2008
WOW! This can used for so much. Keep an eye on this one.
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