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Konstantin Filyaev commented on February 16, 2014
It’s good to hear that renewable energy goes to commercial motor car construction. But it would be great to manage without an auxiliary off-board concentrator. Hope it will happen in the near future.
RealEngr commented on January 21, 2014
GBS1043, that is 22% of zero energy cost! Hope your Exxon stock portfolio is treating you well, for now. When America wakes up, we will add your stocks to Kodak, Smith Corona, Dumont, (sorry picture tubes) and Edison (light bulbs.) Cheers to Ford for innovating, the American way, and not taking crony-capitalist federal money over the last decade. It's not all scams and junk science like Solyndra and Global Warming. America still excels at real science and innovation. (Same to you Simple and Biker, more naysaying liberals. How about some answers, geniuses? All you seem to be able to create is angst!)
Grizzled Geezer commented on January 21, 2014
Clearly, the solar cells are intended to top-off the car's battery, which is otherwise charged at an outlet. Obviously, you can't depend on the solar charge for more than very short trips.
bwong789 commented on January 16, 2014
The car sits under the lens that is larger than the typical parking area. It moves autonomously within that space to optimize the focus of the lens based on the sun position. It uses the sensor around the car to make sure no one is within the space it will be moving. The orientation of the system would need to allow forward and backward movement, not side to side.
pbarnrob commented on January 15, 2014
Looking forward to upgrade kits for our '13 Energi!
GBS1043 commented on January 15, 2014
Big deal. Back in 1986, we had thin film, vapor deposed photovoltaic cells that were 22% eff. Not much progress in the past thirty years. I find that very interesting
Simple Simon commented on January 15, 2014
8-kW (in the text) does not equal 8-kWH (in the video). It is that old power does not equal energy concept that we learn in the physical sciences that is ignored in political science and apparently in solar energy science. 8-kWH is about 10 horsepower hours. It is also about the energy in 1/4 of a gallon of gasoline. And that equals 75% of a days driving? Since the sun moves during the day so will the focal point of the 10X multiplying fresnel lens. So does the car move or does the lens move, or has this been designed in Colorado where weed is now legal? I guess the theory is you stay home one day and charge your car, then you drive the next day? Or maybe you jackrabbit from one solar focusing garage to the next? If you are going to call yourself engineers, have some numbers that work and a concept that can be explained. Maybe I am missing something. Can anyone explain to me how it will work?
Laserbiker commented on January 15, 2014
Not going to happen. How does the interior of the car stay at an acceptable temperature when the sun is not only focused on the car all day but is actually concentrated 8X ? My car interior heats up about 25 degrees in a few hours under direct sun. Concentrate the intensity 8X and the interior temperature will be hot enough to roast a turkey (You) in a matter of minutes. I do not see any mention of how to solve this problem. Also, I think that if anyone, or your cat, found themselves under this Fresnel lens even for a few seconds, they will be fried like bacon.
GrlEngNI commented on January 15, 2014
Great vid and explanation. I like that the presenter points to the necessary innovations that came together to make the concept possible. Good example of R&D spent on renewable energy translated to value.
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