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Tpommy commented on July 20, 2014
The statue at the entrance is of Mr. Ford and a Henry Ford Trade School student. I am one of the last graduates (class of '52) It was a wonderful place,( MY CAMELOT ). The school was closed after graduating about 12,000 boys between 1917 and 1952. Most graduates made a great success of their lives, and some of us stayed with Ford and made it a better company. We used to joke that it was the only reform school in the world that let you go home at night. A Joke believe me, you had to have a B average or better in high school to get in, so this was no dumping ground for loutish idiots. We had a multi million dollar machine shop where we spent eight ours a day for two weeks (we got weekends off) then we went to the beautiful campus that is right behind that huge Headquarters building (which hadn't been built yet at the time)and took the same courses that public school students took; but our books were all filled with examples of mechanical techniques and physics examples were probably more germaine to our bunch than most kids. I heard that Bob MacNamara led the charge to close the place and if so, he actually started ruining young mens lives before he introduced body count as a statistical measure of Success in warfare. Tom Engle, W section.
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