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sakuri commented on May 14, 2012
Engine are presicious and they should treasured for they aviation industry,bus terminal services and private means of transport to be enridgeable world wide.Thanks to all those who initiated,modif­ied and invented power engines,and to all those who the power driven machine and appliances on day today life.
Newbeak commented on May 08, 2011
Very interesting comments here.I have been following this for several years now,and hope to seen the engine in use in a broad variety of applications eventually.Inci­dentally,I emailed the inventor (Mr Harry Schoell) about water freezing in winter in the engine.He graciously answered me,and said that that wouldn't be a problem,as so little water in used that it doesn't present any potential for expansion damage to the engine when it freezes.
Amflyer commented on August 05, 2009
How would this engine do in relatively constant load applications such as ships or small aircraft?   There is a real need for replacement engines for propeller driven aircraft.  Aircr­aft piston engines greater than 300 hp are about the last users of leaded gasoline.  No aircraft engine can be certified to operate with alcohol containing fuels.  Aircr­aft diesels are slowly developing but are very complicated and expensive.
Amflyer commented on July 26, 2009
Overlooked in the comments and presentation was the demise of the steam engine auto, cold New England winters. Water freezes... What happens when it's parked in the driveway overnight?
Amflyer commented on July 20, 2009
I believe the cyclone engine would be ideal for a plug-in range extended hybrid of the future. It would run a generator rather than directly power the drivetrain similar to the upcoming Chevy Volt and Fisker Karma, puttling less physical stresses on the cyclone engine itself. The real beauty is that the cyclone engine runs VERY well with low emissions on algal oil without having to convert the algal oil to biodiesel. Some species of algae are up to 50% oil by weight far surpassing the oil content of any other biomass. Dr. R
Amflyer commented on July 14, 2009
The fact that it can run on gasoline or diesel is a major plus for this engine.  One of the bigger problems(and why the hybrids work for now) is that the transition out of using our current fuel systems will take time.  The fact that this thing will run on just about anything allows us to use our current fuel forms and allow us to change eventually to a better fuel source.  That and simplicity is king, lightweight and fewer systems to maintain and break down. (Does this thing remind anyone else of the Mr. Fusion in back to the future or is it just me?)
Amflyer commented on May 01, 2009
On December 2, 1942 the first sustainable nuclear reaction took place at the University of Chicago. On July 16, 1945 the first nuclear bomb was detonated, Why, that's  about 30 months from proof of theory to production. When  the government states that the fuel crisis is the moral equivilant of war, then I will believe that things are serious.  When I see money wasted bailing out banks and auto companies,  I see sell out. I think we have lost a great chance to dump the 20th century ICE and leap ahead to newer technologies.
Amflyer commented on March 23, 2009
Fascinating, You guys really know what you are talking about. My lawn mower has been broken for a year and I'm holding out for a Cyclone mower? I really really want to wait but I'm starting to loose interest and may simply buy a regular one. Any ideas as to when the mower may be available? I called Cyclone 6 months ago and they said they aren't making the mowers. They are just offering the license to lawnmower manufacturers. Also, my mower is in great shape; the engine is just shot. Any chance I can replace just the engine? I'll buy the engine. Is there anyone in MN that would like to help me do it? jgposner@yahoo.­com
Amflyer commented on January 21, 2009
What is external combustion chamber patent? I have a patented engine that has a patented external combustion chamber part of the rotary piston engine. That could be used for any design, with basic design factor. I know you would use someone else patents, would you? Tommey Lee Reed
Amflyer commented on November 20, 2008
Bill... so, it seems that you're looking to construct an electric vehicle, but with a versatile and efficient power plant to serve as a range extender (when needed) and also to provide electrical power for other uses? If so, then I love the idea, and I agree that the Cyclone would be ideal. Have you checked out their web site and the numerous other Cyclone engines that they're working on? There are some smaller models that will likely interest you. The Mark II is a two cylinder design that can generate 10kw electrical. It is not as efficient as the automotive design, but better than conventional gasoline IC generators on the market today.
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