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Texas Instruments Thumbnail
Learn how the TIDA-00376 Piezo Speaker Strobe Notification reference design works. This video demonstrates the various audio and visual functions of the design.
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
The cost of electrical power is a key driver of socioeconomic vitality, as it enables us to improve our quality of life and advance new applications and industries. GaN (gallium nitride) has emerged as a displacement...
Cypress Thumbnail
CY3679 Evaluation Kit has been built to evaluate Cypress’s CY27410 4-PLL Clock Generator. The 4-PLL Clock Generator can generate up to 12 programmable frequencies on a single chip and comes with best-in-class jitter...
Cypress Thumbnail
Cypress Semiconductor presents Quad SPI serial inteface as a solution to printed circuit board size reduction.
Engineering TV Thumbnail
In an effort to study a potential threat to the global food supply, Intel and researchers from Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) are using RFID tags to identify the problems...
Engineering TV Thumbnail
In recent years, companies have been working to tackle some of these challenges with “multi-material” 3D printers that can fabricate many different functional items. Such printers, however, have traditionally been limited...
studleylee Thumbnail
Cyborg Human remotely controlled by a Cockroach....Eats a student at China's Shanghai Jiaotong University.... more to come.....
Engineering TV Thumbnail
Many engineers drink coffee to help us get through the work day, but did you ever think you might be using coffee to build your next project? Now you can actually have a coffee cup...made out of coffee! A group of...
Engineering TV Thumbnail
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University's TechBridgeWorld are using Baxter to explore how technology - and specifically, robots - can help the blind and visually impaired more effectively navigate urban environments. ...
Engineering TV Thumbnail
Engineers at Caster Concepts developed a heavy-duty industrial caster, TWERGO, that takes less force to start rolling or to turn and maneuver a load, and minimizes scrubbing and damage to flooring. TWERGO combines up to...
Engineering TV Thumbnail
Today’s conveyor systems have to deal with a wide variety of products and smaller batches, yet still be easy to reconfigure for handling new tasks. To address those demands, Bosch Rexroth developed the VarioFlow plus...
BillBucket Thumbnail
My first thought was, "what about three arms?", but then I realized how ridiculous that would be. Surely two standard arms connected is the logical maximum. I'm glad they're different colors or else I might have thought...
VictorR Thumbnail
that is really cool.
Engineering TV Thumbnail
Medical applications for exoskeletons include support for rehabilitation and gait training, as well as providing long-term mobility. Many medical exoskeleton platforms are part of the medical Internet of Things (IoT),...
Engineering TV Thumbnail
Aliaksei Zholner made a working model of a V6 engine...completely out of paper! Only the pistons' side surfaces are covered with scotch tape. His model runs on compressed air. He's even made a working model of a...
Engineering TV Thumbnail
Boston Dynamics (with funding in part from DARPA) has designed their humanoid ATLAS robot to rescue people from dangerous environments. In order to do that it would need impeccable balance to navigate challenging and...
Newark element14 Thumbnail
The new SensorTag now includes 10 low-power MEMS sensors in a tiny red package. And it is expandable with DevPacks to make it easy to add your own sensors or actuators.
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