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btlbcc Thumbnail
Fairbanks-Morse (if I recall correctly) made an opposed-pistol diesel engine (possibly a copy of the German engine referred to. I don't know how they kept the upper piston from filling up with oil from the upper crank...
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
Mark Adams, Senior Vice President of CUI, talks with Paul Whytock of Electronic Design Europe about the increasing demand for power in the industry, the latest products from CUI's Novum Advanced Power line and where the...
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
CUI Senior Vice President, Mark Adams, talks with Paul Whytock of Electronic Design Europe about the newly formed Architects of Modern Power consortium, how it differs from other consortiums, and how it plans to define the...
Texas Instruments Thumbnail
Construct a 3D point cloud with the DLP LightCrafter 4500 evaluation module and reference design for machine vision. This new design empowers developers a framework to construct 3D point clouds by integrating TI’s digital...
Texas Instruments Thumbnail
These high-performance, programmable light steering solutions are ideal for customizing your applications in industrial, medical and scientific applications.
Gary Smith Thumbnail
I want one for Christmas! Please Santa?
hazydave Thumbnail
I currently drive a Prius hybrid, and my daily commute is about 50 miles each way. Today, a buddy of mine just reminded me that we're going to a show in the city tonight... an extra 35-40 miles on top of that 100. I need...
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
Ford announced the return of an iconic American muscle car when they unveiled the new Shelby GT350 Mustang. Like the 1960’s original, it has been tuned for the street as well as the racetrack, and features a flat-plane...
Master Bond Thumbnail
Master Bond wrote: It's time to enroll in Master Bond's Adhesive Academy, where the innovative Dr. B fills you in on the ins and outs of adhesives. In this episode, he explains the benefits of using heat to cure epoxy...
Texas Instruments Thumbnail
The ADAS Sensor Interconnect Board is intended for applications where remote sensors like cameras, LIDAR or radar modules need to be connected to a central processing ECU. It does provide design guidelines and can simplify...
Texas Instruments Thumbnail
The new DLP LightCrafter Display 3010 evaluation module allows developers to quickly assess TI’s smallest, brightest and most efficient HD video and data display chipset—the DLP Pico 0.3” TRP 720p chipset, featuring DLP...
Texas Instruments Thumbnail
See how customers are developing DLP technology into a vast array of applications such as 3D measurement, microscopy, film exposure, rapid prototyping and many more. VISITECH is an authorized DLP Design House offering...
Texas Instruments Thumbnail
See how the speed, precision and reliability of DLP technology is used for 3D scanning and rapid object digitizing for industrial and medical applications. ViALUX GmbH is an authorized DLP Design House offering 3D scanner...
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
London Zoo and Google are testing the use of TV white space to create a 24 hour animal show. Cameras have been placed in otter, meerkat and Galapagos tortoise areas at the Zoo and live footage is being transmitted to a...
Linear Technology Corportion Thumbnail
System engineers strive to increase performance with each successive product generation to maintain competitiveness. A major hurdle in that effort for densely populated boards such as ATCA, µTCA and mezzanine cards is...
Linear Technology Corportion Thumbnail
Digital power system management is being adopted in the marketplace because of its ability to provide accurate information about the power system and to autonomously control and supervise dozens of voltage rails with ease....
Linear Technology Corportion Thumbnail
Large arrays of LEDs require high power and multi-string LED drivers. When many single channel, high power converters are used in an application, a better solution may be to reduce the cost and number of components by...
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