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WillBill Thumbnail
Solid Works and Catia are like bad drugs you pay and pay and pay. And if you don't paid you are dead.
Keystone Electronics Corp. Thumbnail
Learn more about the diverse selection and applications for Keystone's washers, plugs, grommets, bumpers, brackets and other Multi-Purpose Hardware.
Keystone Electronics Corp. Thumbnail
Gain greater understanding of Keystone's broad selection of PCB pins, plugs, jacks and sockets for the connectivity challenges of today's high tech electroni...
Keystone Electronics Corp. Thumbnail
Find out more about Keystone's Printed Circuit Board hardware including an assortment of computer brackets, card ejectors, board guides and terminals.
Keystone Electronics Corp. Thumbnail
Learn more about Keystone's diverse selection of PC Terminals and Test Points which are designed for the connectivity and testing challenges of today's high ...
Keystone Electronics Corp. Thumbnail
Discover Keystone's broad selection of close tolerance spacers and standoffs in a wide range of metallic and non-metallic materials and styles.
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
Convoys of automated trucks could soon be thundering down a highway near you. Are you ready to share the road? Electronic Design European Editor Paul Whytock looks at the technology that enables driverless trucks and the...
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
The EPS150MMW is a dedicated manual probing solution that comes with everything you need to achieve accurate measurement results in the shortest time, with maximum confidence. The system incorporates best-known methods...
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
Guaranteed configuration, installation and support in a pre-validated system configuration for accurate and repeatable wafer-level device characterization. This is essential for device modeling, technology development,...
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
Millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelength on-wafer probes and associated accessories for metrology-grade measurement of devices and materials with frequencies from 140 GHz to 1.1 THz. The probes offer low insertion loss,...
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
@bcavan: the video does play - try updating your Adobe Flash Player to the latest version.
Cree Thumbnail
Cree introduces high-performance Gallium Nitride RF transistors in low cost plastic packaging to increase the performance of Small Cell power amplifiers. This video explains what small cells are and the benefits of Cree...
Tomatoe Ted Thumbnail
Very cool ~ this young man has a very bright and awesome feature!
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
A lack of security and inadequate data encryption could make the "private" information on your smart watch, fitness band, or activity tracker easy to hack. Electronic Design Europe's Paul Whytock suggests some ways to...
Moog CSA Thumbnail
Hello @observerms: The system was designed to test all times of in situ environments - including misalignment. We have very precise actuation to ensure alignment or misalignment is quantified.
Moog CSA Thumbnail
Hello @observerms: The system was designed to test misalignment as well as all other observable parameters. We control fine positioning to ensure alignment with the probe. Then, we offset the probe to simulate in flight...
Cypress Thumbnail
This video introduces the FX3 SuperSpeed Explorer Kit, a new low-cost development kit used to easily add USB 3.0 connectivity to virtually any system.
National Instruments Thumbnail
Haydn Nelson, product marketing engineer at NI, demonstrates testing of an envelope tracking power supply. NI’s 5646 vector signal transceiver (VST), PXIe-5451 waveform generator, and PXIe-5162 oscilloscope are used to...
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