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Festo Thumbnail
Efficiency, flexibility and consistency in machine changeover. The MTR-ECI integrated motor is specifically designed for applications involving automatic format adjustments. With standard stainless steel shaft, IP65...
Festo Thumbnail
Solutions for benchtop automation. An extremely compact design for a maximized workspace. The kinematic concept ensures low moving masses and fixed motor arrangement substantially reduces the requirement for cable...
hardik41213 Thumbnail
hardik41213 commented on Galileo Wheel
how can i purchase galelio wheel in india? pls help it's my project task ... kindly request
slyking Thumbnail
i think this technology is great,and i am suggesting you advance it and build bigger one for power plant.thank you,kingsley from ghana.
sayedd Thumbnail
Rating: 7.75.
mike12pt Thumbnail
As a current drag racer I can tell you that turbo's are way more efficient than all other forms of forced induction. Pound for pound, they make more HP than old school roots (e.g. 6-71), twin screw, or centrifugal. Have a...
JLambert Thumbnail
Bill, I didn't hear any mention of "Free" horsepower. Yea, there are a lot of people out there that make un-informed statements out there, but this guy didn't do that. While you are correct , older turbine designs could...
mike12pt Thumbnail
As a current drag racer...I know it's not free horsepower, but it sure beats the pants off of any other form of forced induction (old school roots, twin screw and centrifugal. Pound for pound of boost, the turbo wins at...
maxon precision motors Thumbnail
Delta Robot Game showing the precision of the maxon motor controllers.
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
When Navy jets get refueled in the sky, their tank equipment is hit with high impact forces in extreme environments. So Moog Inc. engineered this testbed to more accurately simulate the forces. It has a probe mounted to...
randyzeitvogel Thumbnail
Back in 1995 I worked on a project known as Chrysler's Automated Durability Road. We didn't have GPS for guidance, instead we followed wires in the ground and read RFID transponder unique IDs as we passed over them. We...
Maxim Thumbnail
Discover what the SHA-256 technology can do for your design to secure counterfeit and IP protection with the DeepCover Secure Authentication solutions.
Texas Instruments Thumbnail
"The next generation of embedded Wi-Fi is here. Learn how to start developing with TI’s SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC3200 microcontroller (MCU), the industry’s first programmable Wi-Fi wireless MCU. This video will take you through...
Texas Instruments Thumbnail
The next generation of embedded Wi-Fi is here. Learn how to start developing with TI’s SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi CC3100 wireless network processor. This video will take you through provisioning, accessing the IoT sample demos from...
Texas Instruments Thumbnail
Description: TI’s next generation SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® family is available for evaluation. It includes the CC3200, the industry’s first programmable Wi-Fi wireless microcontroller (MCU), and the CC3100, a wireless network...
Tpommy Thumbnail
The statue at the entrance is of Mr. Ford and a Henry Ford Trade School student. I am one of the last graduates (class of '52) It was a wonderful place,( MY CAMELOT ). The school was closed after graduating about 12,000...
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