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Engineering TV Thumbnail
Bringing higher capacity and more flexibility to service providers, a jointly developed broadband system leverages the power of geostationary satellites to focus capacity on areas of need. Rather than blanket the entire...
Engineering TV Thumbnail
Most 3D printers have a Z axis controlled by accurate but costly parts. Just an anti-backlash spindle and nut can exceed $40. Peachy eliminated Z-axis controls by floating resin on salt water. The water level rises...
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Ohio State EcoCAR’s common goal is to create a unique and innovative high-speed hybrid Chevrolet Camaro and use the vehicle project to educate the Ohio State community and beyond about the potential of advanced vehicle...
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EcoCAR 3 is sponsored by General Motors and the U.S. Department of Energy. The new challenge features the most technologically advanced Camaro and tasks the team with creating an energy-efficient powertrain to maximize...
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The angle of a baby bottle during feeding is extremely important in preventing colic and fatigue. To address that issue, Slow Control developed the "Baby Gigl" connected baby-bottle holder. The smart feeding bottle not...
Riad Thumbnail
Well I was hunting you guys because of my vehicle LED lamps I removed analog lamps and cost me some pounds as well. I found H7 Cree head lamp without cooling fan and built in nano driver..that's why I am here....I found...
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
@garyrich2000: The audio is working fine on the video. Are you sure you don't have the side switch on your iPad set to "mute"?
garyrich2000 Thumbnail
Video plays but no sound from my iPad.
MPIF Thumbnail
This video presents the second part of a brief decision process and guide for determining feasibility of PM technology for successful PM part production. John Engquist, former president of the Center for Powder Metallurgy...
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
@Tom Mc: This mechanism is one component within a full product they've developed for another company. They let us know what it was when talked to them, but it's under embargo at the moment so they asked us to keep it...
Tom Mc Thumbnail
What are the intended usages of this motor?
TedC Thumbnail
Everyone boy ever saw a 60's GM A/C compressor thought about making a swash-plate engine. A few even go to the shop and make an compressed-air motor. But the hard parts of an internal combustion engine have nothing to do...
Lapp USA Thumbnail
For applications that require added protection from mechanical or chemical stress, SILVYN® line of conduit offers the perfect solution. With a large selection of highly flexible metal or plastic conduit and matching...
Lapp USA Thumbnail
OLFLEX® Cable in continuous flexing applications. Determine the factors to keep in mind when populating a cable track
Lapp USA Thumbnail
The company was founded in 1957 by Oskar Lapp with ÖLFLEX® the first industrially produced signal cable in the world. Today Lapp Cables produces cables and conductors for different industries and markets: mechanical and...
Lapp USA Thumbnail
The Lapp Group's new service and logistics center in Ludwigsburg (Germany) comprises three halls covering a total of 30,000 m², equating to a space greater than four football pitches. The 270 m long and 11 m high façade is...
Newark element14 Thumbnail
Start your design with the industry’s first single-chip MCU with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Created for the Internet of Things, the SimpleLink CC3200 device is a wireless MCU that integrates a high-performance ARM...
Helical Products Thumbnail
Balance the loads of compression/extension springs to prevent tipping when a load is applied by using the HELI-CAL Flexure.
MPIF Thumbnail
This video presents a brief decision process and guide for determining feasibility of PM technology for successful PM part production. John Engquist, former president of the Center for Powder Metallurgy Technology (CPMT),...
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