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Engineering TV Managing Director and Guru of all things web and video.
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Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
In this video, Michael de Rooij from Efficient Power Conversion demonstrates the benefits of GaN technology in resonant wireless power transfer system. Both a class 2 system capable of up to 10 W and a class 3 system...
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
There is an immediate consumer desire to "cut the cord" of electrical power - and go wireless! Finally the technology is at hand to achieve this. In this video, Michael de Rooij from Efficient Power conversion and Don...
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
In this video, CEO and Co-founder of Efficient Power Conversion Alex Lidow discusses the wide variety of applications enabled by GaN technology that are "changing the way we live." Emerging applications such as autonomous...
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
In this video, EPC (Efficient Power Conversion) demonstrates a fully regulated, fully isolated 500 W 1/8th brick using eGaN® power transistors. Using GaN FETs enables a 60% increase in power in the industry standard DOSA...
Mouser Electronics Thumbnail
Silicon Labs BGM111 Blue Gecko Bluetooth® Smart Module is targeted for Bluetooth Smart applications in which good RF performance, low power consumption and easy application development are key requirements. Learn More -...
Mouser Electronics Thumbnail
Texas Instruments LDC1101EVM Evaluation Module demonstrates the use of inductive sensing technology to sense and measure the presence, position or composition of a conductive target object. Learn More -...
Mouser Electronics Thumbnail
KEMET T598 Automotive Polymer Electrolytic Capacitors are a high performance automotive grade series developed to deliver high reliability and stability under harsh environmental conditions. Learn More -...
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