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nice intelligent and efficient
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
Control and functionality of prosthetics continue to make technological strides, creating more natural movements for amputees. One area that’s showing promise is neuroprosthetics, so much so that a recent breakthrough at...
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
Stratasys Fortus 3D printers, using a process called FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), offer an alternative to traditional molding, casting or machining of end-use parts. FDM 3D printing utilizes thermoplastics with a wide...
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
Objet Connex 3d Printers from Stratasys can combine dozens of different material types and thousands of color combinations (including blended hues) using their PolyJet triple-jetting technology.

Hosted by: Jeff...

Tone Thumbnail
I predict some kid will throw a basketball onto a freeway full of self driving cars, and it will cause a wreck bigger than a New Jersey turnpike pileup.
Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
Montrac is an intelligent monorail conveyor system from SCHMID that smoothly shuttles materials from one point to another along paths that can change directions on the fly.

Videography by: Curtis Ellzey ...

Curtis Ellzey Thumbnail
At the MD&M West expo, Optimal Design, an engineering and product development firm located in Illinois, devised with this IoT (Internet of Things) demo to monitor candy consumption at their booth.


Tsmith35 Thumbnail
They need this at the infusion center where I receive monthly MS treatments.
Cypress Thumbnail
This is the first installment of a series of getting started videos on Cypress Bluetooth Low Energy solutions. You will learn about Cypress products, walk hrough real-world applications, and prove that Cypress has the...
Cypress Thumbnail
Alan Hawse walks through a simple example for a find me tag. Watch these video lessons to understand all of the BLE concepts required to get started with your product.
Cypress Thumbnail
In this lesson we take the Find Me profile you configured in the previous video and add the firmware required to make it work on the PSoC 4 BLE. Watch these PSoC Creator 101 BLE videos to understand all of the BLE concepts...
Cypress Thumbnail
This lesson takes the Find Me profile built in the first two lessons & adds a Battery Level service. Most BLE devices are battery-powered, often with just a CR2032 coin cell. Easily add the service without writing any code.
Cypress Thumbnail
In this BLE lesson, we show how to use PSoC Creator’s Custom Service to quickly and easily add a CapSense slider to a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) design.
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